What services do we offer?


We work with sales leaders across the globe to help them attract, qualify and hire the top sales talent in the market. We do this in three main ways:

​Attract - We work very closely with our clients to understand their business, technology and opportunity so that we can get the attention of the top sales talent in each market.

​Qualify - The majority of our clients work with the ICCE hiring criteria (Intelligence, Character, Coachability & intelligence) which is becoming more widely used in the Enterprise Software space. This is our major focus due to the success rate when hiring sales talent if ICCE is applied. We have an extremely detailed screening process for every candidate that we send to our clients.

​Hire - We support each of the sales leaders at our clients to manage the recruitment process. ​​


  • The most cost-efficient way to make a multitude of guaranteed hires over a fixed term

  • Talent Box becomes an extended arm of your recruitment team as we go to market with your role

  • The flexible model is tailored to clients’ needs

  • Face-to-face meetings

  • Our most popular model

  • Covers worldwide, EMEA-focussed, and specific regions


  • A model preferred by clients with less urgency

  • Perfect if you’re looking to make just a few hires

  • Delivers qualified candidates ready to interview within two weeks 

  • Fees calculated on a percentage of an individual’s salary upon success

  • Flexible timescales

Recruitment as a Service:

    • We manage the entire HR process, from identifying candidates, advertising, and arranging interviews, to making offers and on-boarding

    • Designated account manager

    • Face-to-face meetings fortnightly

    • This is a popular service amongst Start-Ups.

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