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Endeavour Series - Corporate & Team Bonding Adventures

Endeavour Series is here! A unique experience for your corporate clients and employees.

Think Lara Croft mixed with The Hunger Games and Corporate Experience. Challenges in exotic locations such as the Himalayas of India, Borneo's jungles, Namibia's deserts, Vietnam's countryside, and the UK countryside.

What makes Endeavour unique? We specialise in corporate and bespoke adventures abroad and in the UK, as well as a number of separate races and challenges.

Reserve spots for clients on any of our corporate packages, or work with the Endeavour team to design a unique experience for you and your team.

All of our adventures, which are accessible to the moderately fit, bring out the “can do” in you and push you out of your comfort zone. They will gain a sense of accomplishment and experience that is uncommon in today's world. Challenges both physical and mental, but always with a sense of humour.


Trips and Challenges

In the Indian Himalayas, a multi-stage adventure with a mountain challenge element. Explore the chaos of Old Delhi by bicycle and return to your hotel's colonial majesty; ride the famous Indian railways from Delhi to McLeod Ganj, where our mountain adventure awaits. There will be plenty of time for relaxation, sightseeing, and visits to our charities during your ten-day Indian adventure.

A truly unique jungle adventure that takes you from the comfort of your five-star hotel in Kuching (Borneo) to Sarawak's remote interior. Use local Iban canoes to navigate the jungle's fast-flowing rapids and gentle meandering rivers. Stay in tribal Iban longhouses as you travel deeper into the jungle. Your Iban hosts will teach you the fundamentals of jungle survival. Over the next few nights, you'll put your training into action by building your own jungle camps, sleeping under the stars, and foraging for food.

ENDEAVOUR VIETNAM - 10 day adventure 
From a crazy, zippy moped tour through the lanes of Ho Chi Min City sampling the delights of Vietnamese urban street food to pedalling through the forests and ancient citadels in and around Hue and the Perfume River, there's something for everyone. Culminating in a three-day, two-night tropical and subterranean expedition through central Vietnam's caves and jungles. Along the way, there are Endeavour 'challenges,' surprises, and adventure.

ENDEAVOUR DARTMOOR - Weekend adventure 
Dartmoor is a special place, with open moorlands and deep river valleys, a rich history, and rare wildlife. Dartmoor is a true adventure, with towering tors, ancient woodland, bronze age stone circles, old tin mines, and treacherous bogs. Take part in a team challenge that will allow you to see this remote part of England. So get away from the grind of work and recharge in the great outdoors!

So, if you or any of your corporate clients are interested in learning more about what Endeavour has to offer, please contact Paul or Tom at the Endeavour Team. We care about sustainable travel and corporate social responsibility. As a result, we support local charities and communities.

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