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Make It Wild - Tree Planting

Every time we win, the planet wins. 

It is becoming increasingly important that people and businesses are taking steps to help protect the environment. From climate change to deforestation, the effects are being felt globally and it is an issue we all must combat together.

During an interview in May 2022, someone asked “What is TalentBox’s green strategy?” Shamefully, there wasn’t one in place at the time. This led to a great deal of research internally around what we could be doing to make a difference as it’s something we felt needed correcting. 

We wanted to work with a small business who were passionate about their work and what it stood for. This led to us getting in contact with Helen and Christopher Neave, founders of Make It Wild. Helen and Christopher started this project to encourage greater knowledge, understanding and enjoyment from the natural world. The funds generated are re-invested into natural reserve projects; they have planted thousands of trees, dug ponds, restored wildflower hay meadows and constructed bat boxes at nature reserves.

Working together with Make It Wild we sought to understand our current carbon footprint and as a result, TalentBox has pledged to plant 1 tree for every placement made by the business. This will result (hopefully) in over 200 tree’s planted in 2022.

In a time where it is more critical than ever, we hope to inspire other businesses to follow suit and work with incredible organisations such as Make It Wild to save our planet.

Click here to find out more about the work Helen and Christopher are doing.