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Heritage day in South Africa


Heritage day in South Africa is a very special day, celebrated on the 24th of September each year. This is a day where the people of South Africa, or otherwise referred to as “the rainbow nation”, celebrate their different backgrounds, cultures and religions. 

In South Africa Heritage Day is also referred to as “braai day”. This is usually a time of year where spring is in full swing and the braai’s, or barbecues as you may call them in the UK,  are dusted off and put into use. Families travel from far and wide to come together each year to breathe in the first wonderful smells of the coals being lit for the barbecue and soak in the warm sun. 

South Africans come together on this day and celebrate Ubuntu, which translates to “I am, because we are”. We acknowledge that we may have different beliefs and upbringings but all of those differences make us South Africans. 

Happy Heritage Day!

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