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TEALIUM - Growing a Solutions Consulting team in North America



Intense need to grow Solutions Consulting team in North America, among high competition from the larger vendors.


Tealium were struggling to attain high-quality Solutions Consulting talent amidst competiotn from the top software vendors such as Salesforce, & Adobe. 

Immediately, the Head of Solutions Consulting, North America needed to hire 3 SC's to support their growing sales force in the region. After careful, thorough understanding of Tealium's business goals, as well as developing a depth of insight on why candidates were choosing to join a larger business than Tealium, the TalentBox team were able to succinctly select the right candidates, with the right moving criteria who were excited to contribute towards Tealium's growth goals in North America.

This resulted in 3 hires in 2 months, following 11 candidate introductions. 


Working with Cian and his team of dedicated professionals at TalentBox was well worth the time. After far too long of a time trying to build a team in a very active market, Cian delivered results in a matter of weeks and played a critical role for our expansion. Cian, you're staying on speed dial. Thank you for all of your good work!

Ted Sfikas - Senior Director, Digital Strategy & Value Engineering, Americas



Cian Knights                                                                                                     Matt Salisbury

Divisional Manager: Presales & Professional Services                                  Consultant - Pre-Sales & Professional Services 

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