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Welcome to TalentBox Callan Wilson


Hi all, I’m Callan and have just joined TalentBox to help build their North American division, as well as support client needs in EMEA. I started recruitment in July 2015 where I built my desk from scratch, specialising in IT positions across EMEA which required multiple language skills, quite the niche! After four years I also started recruiting within software sales and marketing. This will be my focus here at TalentBox.

What types of roles are you working on?

I am working on a variety of roles across Mid to Senior level of Software Sales, including Sales Directors, Sales VPs, SDR Managers, Account / Sales Executives, Account Directors, Account Managers, SMB / Mid-Market / Enterprise.

What originally drew you to the market?

Well, when I decided that I wanted to work in recruitment I was asked, “what market do you want to recruit for?” I realised that if I wanted to build a career in recruitment, it needed to be both something that I had a great interest in, but also an industry that was continuously growing and was going to have a huge impact in the future. Needless to say that Software/IT ticks that box.

Has the pandemic had any knock-on effects on your work?

2020 had a few months where recruitment became virtually nonexistent, probably March until May/June 2020. As you can imagine this was a tough period for recruiters, but also for companies and employees of the industries who lost their jobs. At times, extremely disheartening. I kept at it though, because as I said to a lot of people, I had a very strong feeling that recruitment wouldn’t creep back up slowly, but that it would suddenly explode. This is exactly what has happened since late 2020. Recruitment is booming again more than ever!

What are the biggest challenges in your industry right now?

I would say that the biggest challenge right now is that it has become a highly candidate-driven market. This has a lot of positives, but it also means that speed, all while keeping quality, is of the essence. The very best candidates are getting multiple offers all the time.

What prompted your move to TalentBox?

I needed a change and when I was approached by TalentBox I realised they were the one for me. An incredible growth plan, excellent strategy, amazing clients and a fantastic working environment. Ben and Ed have big plans for the future and I’m so excited to be a part of it.

Outline any goals (both personally and professionally) you want to achieve this year.

This year I’m planning on actually going to the gym regularly and guess what, I have no excuses now because my gym is LITERALLY on my walk back home. At work, I constantly want to be learning more about the industry and developing my in-depth knowldege of the clients we work with. TalentBox actively trains their people in all aspects of recruitment. I might have been doing this for six years, but there is always room for growth when it comes to learning! By this time next year, I want to have established a good presence in North America so TalentBox can see their plans of opening a US office getting closer.

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