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1 month at TalentBox - Rachel Trevillion


1. How have your first few weeks been at TalentBox?

Amazing! Everyone has been really supportive and welcoming. I have learnt so much already and loving the incentives in place for Dubai next year! I am really excited for the future here and to be going on the TalentBox journey!

2. What are the types of roles you are working on?

I work on everything around Customer Success & Professional Services. This includes Post-sales; Customer Success, Implementation, Project Management, Technical Account Management, Customer Experience Manager, Renewals, Account Management. Up to and including board-level positions. 

3. What prompted your move to TalentBox? 

I wasn’t looking for a new role, yes I know everyone says that! However, I did take that call from the recruiter that day so it must have been on my mind. The fact TalentBox has grown at such an impressive rate in such a short amount of time really caught my attention. It's a huge pull factor that the founders, Ben and Ed have previous industry experience from the type of companies we recruit for. It means they are extremely relatable for candidates - helping them build relationships and develop a great understanding of the various technologies.

4. Why TalentBox? 

I immediately felt at ease speaking to Ed during my first interview, the TalentBox story was remarkable yet they are incredibly humble at the same time. I am very much driven by emotion and how I feel. I was made to feel like I could be myself, I felt valued from the first conversation and throughout the whole process.

Ed and Cian (Division Manager) painted a very real picture of where they are currently at, the challenges they have, and the gaps they are looking to fill. I saw huge value in joining as I could be part of something growing and really have the opportunity to make an impact from Day 1. I was sold! I love waking up everyday and going into the office to meet my team. Each day is something different and everyday I leave having learnt something new! I am so happy I joined and took that call. 

5. What are the current challenges in the Customer Success market right now? 

As with any market, there are likely to be challenges. Customer Success is an extremely exciting space right now that I personally, can only see accelerating as a company becomes more aware of how critical it is as a function. As the demand increases for Customer Success talent, the supply naturally becomes smaller, affecting every aspect of hiring. 

I have seen salaries skyrocket for candidates with only a few years experience and as a result of this, businesses have to react by increasing their current employee salaries otherwise risk losing talent to competitors. 

As we transition out of the pandemic, it is vital businesses are ahead of their competitors and keep robust lines of communication with their teams. My advice to companies that are hiring is to make sure you are providing an incredible interview experience! Salary is one thing but you should always keep in mind that nothing tops the feeling of being valued within a company. 

There are so many other areas to talk about and I would love to hear about your current challenges or success stories! The more we can share the knowledge the greater the impact and wider the reach, so please get in touch.

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