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Welcome to TalentBox Josh O'Brien


Hi All, I'm Josh and have just joined TalentBox to build their Engineering division. I have been in recruitment for 3 years working across multiple disciplines of engineering recruitment but focussed more toward Software Engineering which worked hand in hand here at TalentBox. Before this, I worked within Estate Agency for 6 years working my way up to the top and running various offices within the Sales Team. I left Estate Agency to work within recruitment due to wanting to spend more time with my young family, specifically over the weekends. 

Please describe your role and responsibilities at TalentBox.

My role at TalentBox is to build - from the ground up - the Engineering recruitment function. From building new relationships with clients, enhancing current ones and regaining old, I plan to work closely with my clients to enable them to have the best talent available to hire. It is such an exciting time here at TalentBox and Tech Engineering can easily be the biggest growth within any business right now. My vision is to build a team of motivated, like minded individuals to work across; Software, Electronics & Hardware, Data, Cloud, Web & Front End, Machine Learning, I.T, Mechanical Engineering and more, to be a 1 stop shop for all technology companies. 

What are the types of roles you are working on? 

We will work any job roles within the above engineering functions, but currently we have live roles such as: Senior Software Developer, Python Engineer, Front End Specialist, Data Engineer, Mobile Applications Developer, Systems Engineer and more. Check out our live roles on our website. 

What originally drew you to this market?

I was moved into this market from my previous market due to the desire to learn about my clients products and technology. I must admit, although I don't have hands-on coding experience, I carry a real passion and "geek out" when my clients are telling me about their product/design. It certainly helps me when I am speaking to candidates to tell them everything about the company's future plans etc and really engages the engineer looking to join. 

Has the pandemic had any kind of knock-on effect on your work?

The pandemic was a challenging time for all and it brought a new way of thinking when it comes to day to day functions and hiring in general. Although initially there was a quiet period, thankfully, most of my clients were able to work through this and hiring continued. I found some areas where it was significantly busier for certain industries and the hiring increased remotely. It is nice to see how businesses have adopted a hybrid model moving forward, that meets the needs of many individuals off the back of the past 18 months. 

What are the current challenges in your industry right now?

Without a doubt one of the biggest challenges the industry and I face is finding the best talent for my clients. It is an extremely buoyant market and thousands of companies are trying to hire similar talent. This means longer and harder searches and more qualification calls to really know and understand the client to exceptional detail.

What prompted your move to TalentBox? 

I was put in touch with Ben and Ed at TalentBox as I was informed they were looking to build a Tech Engineering team and had been looking for some time. Upon speaking to them over the phone, we immediately got on and our vision/expectations were clearly aligned. After meeting, it was certain they were passionate about growing the business and I could help them do this. The rest is history and now we are on the war path to success. 

Why TalentBox? 

As I mentioned, once I met both Ben and Ed, it was easy for me to see that their motivation met my own. This for me was a key factor in my decision to move, as I was happy in my role at the time. Aside from the challenge ahead, meeting the team and having a really close - family-like vibe - sealed it for me. Everyone has been really supportive and get along great. It's important you enjoy everyone's company when you spend as much time with the team as you do in our business. 

Outline any goals (both personally and professionally) you want to achieve this year.

My next steps are to grow, personally as a Recruiter, Manager, Friend, Husband and Dad. Certainly not in that order!  I hope to become wiser and learn new techniques from my colleagues and clients within the business. I want to help scale a business that is rapidly expanding and hire people with huge passion and drive and help them meet their goals both professionally and personally! I think there is nothing more rewarding than being able to have a positive impact on someone's life and enabling them to meet their targets, whether it be buying a property, car, clothes or enjoying a nice dinner every now and then!

Aside from this, I can't wait to enjoy some time away with my family abroad, upsize my own property, compete in boxing and cook some new and interesting food! 

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